iPage Review

iPage Review

There are many options out there if you’re looking for website hosting. One that has gained steam recently is iPage, which offers many traditional web-hosting services for very low costs. Though the site does have some misleading claims and hidden costs, it’s still one of the cheaper options available for customers who aren’t worried about having all of the newest web innovations.

First off, iPage is relatively simple to sign up for and use, though it won’t impress users looking for novelty. The vDeck system employed for their control panel looks and feels dated, but it still serves its purpose, laying out the information you need to manage your account in a relatively intuitive way. The video tour of the site is helpful for first-time users. The control panel also allows you to do things such as view disk use, activate and review mailboxes, manage your domain names, access account information, and even make decisions about marketing and ads.

Another thing to consider about iPage is its customer service capabilities. One of the most frustrating things about some hosting companies is how difficult it is to get in contact with them when something goes wrong. iPage tries to put your mind at ease by offering support over the phone at any time of day or night. For those looking for a less personal way to troubleshoot, customer service reps also have chat capabilities and are willing to answer quick questions and offer instant support any time. Quick questions and FAQs are also available in the support area, with online troubleshooting forms to fill out that typically have response times of 24 hours or less.

iPage Hosting is an affordable hosting service with some significant positive features, including very economical pricing and access to many free services, although as might be expected when paying such a low price, there are a few drawbacks to the hosting service as well, including some outdated technology and only basic features compared to more expensive hosting sites.

On the positive side, iPage offers a wide range of free services, including free domain registration and transfer, over $500 in promotional codes for marketing (for Facebook, Yellowpage, Bing and Yahoo ads), free Security Suite, and free Design Suite tools. Customers will also appreciate the frequent promotional pricing they offer, such as a reduced price of $1.99 a month for the first three months, and in general much lower prices than most other online hosting services. Customer support options are also very good, ranging from 24/7-phone support and 24/7 live chat for customers, to a support console and online forms on the iPage site for sales-related or other inquiries. The average response time for an online inquiry is 24 hours or less. iPage also offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domain hosting, very nice options to have for such a low price. Perhaps one of their best features, however, is their full money-back guarantee. If customers are unhappy for any reason, they can cancel at any time with no questions asked, and if cancelling within the first 30 days, customers will also receive their initial hosting refund back as well. iPage claims to be a leader in customer satisfaction, and their refund policy is a good way to back up that claim.

Despite the many positive features, there are a few drawbacks to iPage as well. For example, iPage uses vDeck for their control panel, which is outdated compared to the almost universally available cPanel that most hosting services use instead. vDeck does include all the basic required features to manage your domains and account, including a video tour for those not familiar with vDeck operations, registration and management of domains, marketing services, email, and easy account management. Still, customers may well dislike having to learn a new system if they have already become familiar with cPanel. Another downside to the service is that while iPage claims to have unlimited hosting, this is not really possible, and potential customers should take that into account when deciding whether or not to host with iPage.

In conclusion, iPage offers basic hosting services for a very low price, and if customers are willing to overlook the few outdated features, iPage is a very economical option as long as your hosting needs can be satisfied by the basic services they provide.